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What a loser, you should probably leave.

Requests are open




Youtube I guess


Just wanted to let you guys know I probably wont be using this site. I checked this place out because of eclipse but it's not really a fit for me, it's really laggy on my computer and I'm not very into/used to blogging type sites<3

I'm most active on deviantart if you'd like to follow my work!<3

Tried some vaporwave


For GlitchFvck

>> Had to return the favor @glitchfvck <33

Gift for @amara-star of their character Oscar! I love are lil animations n stuff and your art gives 12/10 best wholesome vibes.
He was fun to draw~

P.S. thank u for the follow cx

Time: 1~2 hours
Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad)
Character: Oscar

Music Vibe: It's Been So Long (lofi)

amara-star -

!!! Look at this !!!

Payment art

Some payment art for an adopt

Character link

Fallen foe

I was doodling with single frame digital painting and ended up liking it yee

Doing Free art requests & Art trades! (Open)

Hello! I'd like to try and get used to this site and fill it up with some new art so I'm doing requests and art trades!

For the art requests

  • Not first come first serve

  • I'm less likely to accept human/humanoid OCs, but I do need practice on them so don't be afraid to ask<3

  • What you get depends on my mood, it's most likely gonna be a headshot or bust but it could be a fullbody wiggly or animation or something like that.

  • The OC must have a ref, I'm not gonna do anything with only writing to reference on.

For art trades

  • I'll probably accept most art trades(though I'm still picky on humans/humanoids)

  • Let me know what your doing so I can do something of similar or equal value (I.e. fullbody for fullbody)

  • Let me know who you'd be drawing from here: (Favorites, characters, and Sonas folders)

Thank you for reading!